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Got Pickles? Spicy Garlic Dill Pickles (Refrigerator or Canned)

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I’ve always had a love for the bite that vinegar provides… green olives, salt & vinegar chips, pepperonchinis, and of course pickles.  As a kid I use to devour the green olives my grandmother would place out with the antipasti plates.  Lunchtime at … Continue reading


How to Make Kale Chips… Eat Your Greens!

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I was not a fan of the dark leafy green when I was a child.  Raw, cooked… all I could ever think was soggy, slimy, bitter, and GROSS!  There we only a couple of instances where I would tolerate the … Continue reading


Meatless Mondays…Wednesdays…and Fridays

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I love meat.  Roasted, braised, grilled, bbq’d, fried… meat!  Beef, pork, chicken, goat, lamb, venison… just to name a few… I love it!  Growing up my mom cooked the typical meatloaf, hamburgers, and chicken breasts for dinner.  That was up … Continue reading