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How to Make Kale Chips… Eat Your Greens!

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I was not a fan of the dark leafy green when I was a child.  Raw, cooked… all I could ever think was soggy, slimy, bitter, and GROSS!  There we only a couple of instances where I would tolerate the … Continue reading


Revised – Country White Bread, Tested & Confirmed!

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Each day my household is trying new things to be more self-sufficient.  One of those self sufficiencies is making our own breads; to avoid having to purchase it from the store and to know exactly what is going into the making of the bread. … Continue reading


Giving Thanks…Thanksgiving Recipe Series…Citrus Herb Brine, Garlic Balsamic Injection Fried Turkey

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Citrus Herb Brine, Garlic Balsamic Injection Fried Turkey I’ve always been an advocate of the roasted turkey.  I wanted nothing more than Grandma’s juicy roasted turkey every Thanksgiving; and the stuffing from the bird… oh my goodness, the stuffing from … Continue reading