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What Do You Consider Waste?

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When you make your weekly trip to the grocery store and pick out your produce do you look for only the most visually “perfect” items? When you get those items home, do you use everything or discard peels, pits, stalks, … Continue reading


Welcome to Pasture Chick Ranch, Hollister CA

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Welcome to Pasture Chick Ranch, Hollister CA “Excuse me; do you happen to have any eggs today?  We were told that you sold pasture raised, organic eggs; is that correct?” “Oh honey, I’ve actually committed all of my eggs this … Continue reading


You Are What You Eat…

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“…people need to start demanding local, wholesome food…” –Food Inc. “…so the carrots can be a better deal than the chips…” – Food Inc. Do you know where your food comes from?  A few years ago, if I was asked … Continue reading