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Welcome to Paicines Ranch, Paicines CA

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Welcome to Paicines Ranch (Rancho Cienega de los Paicines), Paicines CA It is mid spring on a late Sunday morning. I am driving down State Route 25.  Also know as Airline Highway, the single lane highway stretches over 75 miles … Continue reading


Welcome to Bell Hill Farm and Hen Scratch Quilting, Hollister CA

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It was a late winter afternoon as I drove through the hills along Cienega Road in Hollister, CA.  Blossoms are falling from trees and tiny green leaves are budding, letting us know spring is on the horizon.  Also known as … Continue reading


Grass-Fed Pasture Raised Beef, Its Benefits ~ Rendering Tallow, Its Uses

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“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are” – Anthelme Brillat-Savarin “Man is what he eats” – Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach Grass-Fed Pasture Raised vs. Feedlot “You are what you eat”…an old saying summarizing the thought … Continue reading


Welcome to Pasture Chick Ranch, Hollister CA

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Welcome to Pasture Chick Ranch, Hollister CA “Excuse me; do you happen to have any eggs today?  We were told that you sold pasture raised, organic eggs; is that correct?” “Oh honey, I’ve actually committed all of my eggs this … Continue reading


Welcome to Douglas Ranch, Panoche Valley CA

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Douglas Ranch, Panoche Valley, California Douglas Ranch Meats, Panoche Valley, California It is a crisp autumn morning.  Thick fog is giving way to the emerging sun as we make our way along the winding Panoche Road.  We pass by lush vineyards, … Continue reading