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“…those who run seem to have all the fun…”


REMINDER – The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet Has Moved

A friendly reminder to our subscribers that The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet has moved to a permanent home.  The website is in process of updating but I encourage you to come by and register because the new year is … Continue reading


We’re Moving… Back to Basics, Sustainable Living for 2013… Sweet & Savory Style

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Yep – you read it right… The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet is moving to a permanent home.  With the advice, help, and encouragement of those who matter… The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet took the big jump into the interwebs… Introducing the new home … Continue reading


Homemade Butter

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“If you’re afraid of butter, as many people are nowadays, just put in cream!” Julia Child “My dear boy, when curds are churned, the finest part rises upward and turns into butter. So too, dear boy, when food is eaten the … Continue reading


How to Make Kale Chips… Eat Your Greens!

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I was not a fan of the dark leafy green when I was a child.  Raw, cooked… all I could ever think was soggy, slimy, bitter, and GROSS!  There we only a couple of instances where I would tolerate the … Continue reading


How to Make Homemade Yogurt… Bringing ‘Good Bacteria’ Back!

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As a child I experienced a lot of upper respiratory problems, which resulted in my frequent consumption of antibiotics.  I remember my grandmother telling me to eat yogurt when taking the antibiotics.  It didn’t make sense to me at the … Continue reading