One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

When I started writing and posting to my blog, I did it as if I were the only audience member.  It allowed me to be ok with putting something personal out there like my words.  It’s now over a year later and I’m sharing my words… I am sharing recipes, photos, information, stories, and so much more with hundreds of people.  It’s been a lot of fun and the interaction I’ve had with readers has been a good learning experience.

Part of me trying to “be ok” with putting my words out there was knowing that other bloggers would be reading these words too (or so I hoped and wished).  Knowing that you’re read and accepted by other bloggers in the world of blogging… it’s like being accepted into a club…a large club…but a club no doubt.

To reiterate, the interaction with each reader has been great but what’s even more special is the interaction I’ve experienced with other blogs, pages, and websites.  It’s a growing community of people working to share and learn from each other.  Part of being in this community is recognizing the efforts of others.  That said, I recently received my 1st EVER nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award. An award given among bloggers by bloggers for bloggers…say bloggers six times more…

I was kindly nominated by Annie & her blog, Biocadence!  Similar to The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet, Biocadence is on a journey to explore and learn ways on how to live a more sustainable life.  We are learning and sharing the trials and tribulations of changing how we consume and how it impacts our environment, community, and planet.  Thank you Annie and thank you Biocadence for the nomination!

Now, on to the rules of being nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award…

1)      Acknowledge and thank the blog that nominated you
2)      List 7 random facts about yourself
3)      Nominate 7 other blogs and notify them (Note – I do stray from the “typical” blog nomination because frankly some have wonderful information that needs to be shared but just don’t have a blog… maybe this will motivate them to do so)

These rules seem to be flexible given the research I’ve done on this particular subject.  I’ve seen different logos; I’ve seen 7 random facts vs. 15.  I’ve seen 7 blog nominations vs. 15.  Each nominee has provided their own special commentary, whether it be in video, words, and poems.  Each response was unique but all had the same idea… acknowledge, thank, inform, and recognize…helping the community grow.  By being nominated I was informed of several other blogs I’ve never heard of before, thus growing the community of readers and interest.

7 Random, Interesting, Unknown…Facts

  1. I Love Bullies!  Furry, four-legged bullies that is… I’ve always been a lover of animals.  My mother tells me often that I have a bleeding heart and I’m lucky I don’t have more property because I’d take in every animal I’d come across (don’t tell her but that is a future goal).  Since adopting my first American Pit Bull over 16 years ago I’ve been a huge supporter of the breed but also of responsible pet ownership.  I am a member of several local Pit Bull awareness groups and work hard to lead by example, responsible pet ownership.
  2. Fighting Solves Everything!  And when you think about it, it’s true.  You fight for free speech, you fight for information, you fight for access to basic rights… you fight everyday more often than not to get past hurdles and obstacles’ big and small.  But really, this is not the fighting I speak of… the fighting I speak of happens in a cage or ring.  MMA.  Mixed Martial Arts.  I’ve been a participant, fan, and supporter of the sport for over 15 years now.  I was fortunate enough to train (for fun not competition) for a little over a year with the very talented Cung Le.  This was before “Hollywood” got to him (sorry coach).  My husband has been involved in the sport (also for fun) since I’ve known him, over 17 years now.  Needless to say, it’s a big part of our lives and now our toddler asks often to “go with daddy to go see the guys at the gym go boom boom!”  It is a great sport that provides a full body intense workout.  It provides discipline, exercise, confidence, and so much more.
  3. Life Without Music Is No Life At All!  Growing up, music was a very big part of my household.  My mother, a single mom raising two wild unruly kids, used music as her escape.    60s, 70s, 80s rock, Motown… the radio was ALWAYS on.  In fact, to this day if you walk in her house she’s got the radio blaring something rock, something Motown, something in her mind classic and nothing better.  Now when we’re driving down the road and an old song comes one and we can’t identify the artist… we call mom!  I believe it is because of my mom that my music selection is filled with every artist you could ever imagine… from Pantera, to Janice Joplin, to EPMD, to Bach, to Tori Amos, to The Deftones, to Marvin Gay, to The Beastie Boys, to Fiona Apple, and Mozart…hell, there is even some Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, and Reba Macintyre…but you get my point…I pretty much like most music.  Punk, rap, rock, reggae, hip-hop, classical, Motown, and the list goes on…
  4. And Where There is Music… for roughly 8-10 years I played the flute.  I picked it up in 2nd grade and played in the band throughout high school.  When I started playing I thought I’d love it… I hated it.  I hated every second of practice.  I was most frustrated because I couldn’t figure out how to read the music.  I was ready to give up after our first concert.  Thankfully (and honestly it was the only thing she’d ever push me on) my mom didn’t let me quit.  We approached my grandmother’s neighbor who had a music teaching background.  She sat down with me at the piano and taught me how to read music.  We worked together for a few days and from that point forward I was happy and comfortable playing the flute.  I enjoyed the concerts, especially being on stage in front of the crowd.  I was usually in the front and typically right on the edge of the stage so I got to take in the full adrenaline rush.  Obviously I didn’t become the next great flutist but I did gain a greater appreciation for all types of music, I learned how to read basic sheet music, and I can use the statement “…that one time at band camp…”!
  5. “I’m allergic to onions!”  Well, not really but it’s what we say when we go out to eat (which is rare these days, eating out that is…). I am not a fan of the raw onion.  I can tolerate large pieces cooked or fried but not raw.  Yes, I cook and I always use onions…but for flavor…not for texture.  I’ll usually chop the s**t out of them and then cook them down to liquid…but I also cook according to my crowd and if I know they like large fresh raw chunks of onion, I will not disappoint!
  6. Bababooey’s on the phone! A blue moon or two ago I used up my 15 minutes of fame (more like 10) during an early morning phone call with the Howard Stern show.  It was so many moons ago that Jackie was still part of the crew.  Imagine coming to work and having Bababooey leave a message on your voicemail… I realize I’m leaving a lot of details out but I’ll leave that up to you, you crafty internet research guru to figure that out…
  7. Yoga is a way of life…I practiced the basics of yoga daily for over five years.  I learned from Ben Thomas who learned from BKS Iyengar.  When the general population thinks of yoga it’s some person doing a crazy stretch with their foot above their head, while chanting (at least that is the picture my husband jokes about).  When in reality it’s more than that.  Yoga encompasses mind, body, and spirit.  Not just breathing and stretching but how you live, how you eat, how you consume.  It is truly a way of life.  Very few truly practice the full aspects of yoga.  I’ve only practiced the basics…but it was those basics that helped to shape my physical and mental well-being.  Unfortunately I slowly reduced to eventually stopping my daily practice and it showed.  I lost focus on my entire being (school, work, and family, personal….).  I gained weight, I got sick often, and I worked too much, and played too little.  It took the birth of my son over 2 years ago to remind me that I needed to get back into the practice of yoga – it helps to center, to strengthen, to balance, and to heal.

The Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet – One Lovely Blog Nomination List

The first 2 blogs really hit home for me…  Their stories, not exact, are quite similar to mine…but their experience is far greater.   I am inspired by these women for their strength, drive, tenacity, spunk, and their inquisitive nature.  If I could get Wendy & Laurie in a room together I’d talk their ears off for hours with questions on how they do what they do.  Fitting so much in their day, managing something so important, while staying…sane!  Educators extraordinaire!  I do see a common theme as I run through this list…all women.  I didn’t plan it that way but that is where I am now in my life.  These are the “types” of people I’m watching and learning from.  So from one information sharer gather to another…thank you and here’s to you a One Lovely Blog Award Nomination!

  1. Unpaved Roads – a city girl gone country… Unpaved Roads is written by Wendy.  A woman who managed the corporate world while managing her family.  She realized there is more to life than, as she put it, “corporate politics, pencil skirts and three-inch heels…”  Wendy now manages a small farm and homestead with her husband and children. She shares with her adoring community the trials and tribulations of “farm life” and raising her family – great photos, recipes, fun stories, gardening info…everything you could imagine.  I enjoy Wendy’s blog and look to her for a little inspiration on our own “homesteading” journey!
  2. Common Sense Homesteading – Laurie is another homesteading mom superstar.  Laurie is a fire cracker and a smart one.  She manages a 35 acre homestead with her husband and boys.  Laurie provides information on being more self-sufficient, home food production, gardening, recipes, how-to’s, and the list goes on.  She seems to have found a way to utilize every bit of her homestead, while still staying sharp and creative.  Same as Unpaved Roads, I truly love Laurie’s blog and look to her for inspiration on our own “homesteading” journey!
  3. Modern Athena  – It’s ok to be a strong, smart woman…and beautiful too!  I love this blog.  Modern Athena is written by Becca who is a writer, athlete, motivator, and all around cool chick!  Becca actually manages a couple of blogs I like to follow, but I enjoy this blog the most because of the message it brings forth.  This excerpt comes directly from the Modern Athena About page:  “Modern Athena is…She is everything. She is mother, wife, lover, caretaker, business woman, entrepreneur, gardener, chef, athlete and artist. She is the culmination and combination of everything it is to be female. She is smart, sexy, and strong — all at once…” Talk about motivating.
  4. Simply Gourmet – Food photography at its finest.  I’m a lover of the camera, beautiful pictures, and of course FOOD… and Sherron represents this perfectly through her blog.  Every one of her pictures gives me inspiration!
  5. – a beautiful blog about food, preservation, and books – many of my favorite things! Sarah is the mastermind behind… she provides beautiful pictures, great recipes, but my favorite part…her emphasis on reading!  I love books.  I have a list a mile long that I want to read. In addition to a great reading list, she’s got an extensive list of recipes and beautiful photos to accompany them.
  6. &  7.  Brian’s Orchard and Reviving School Gardens – here is the 1st & 2nd that I stray from the ‘typical’ blog format.  Brian’s Orchard & Reviving School Gardens, from what I gather is run and operated by a lovely woman named Sylvia (who has several other gardening/community based FB pages).  Sylvia is on a mission and it is an honorable one.  Her focus is in a nut shell food security with an emphasis on the homeless youth – two subjects extremely close to my heart.  Harvest donations, preservation education, mentoring programs and more.  Reviving School Gardens is simply that – bringing awareness and education to our youth about real whole foods, from seed to table and beyond. Brian’s Orchard & all of Sylvia’s great pages need a blog!!  We need to know more and more people need to be aware of the great programs that she is developing!  And most of all…Sylvia, I’d like to help in anyway…please don’t hesitate to reach out to a fellow member of the community…mid way between SF and Culver City… we want to help bring awareness to these great causes, programs, and ideas!

7 responses to “One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

  1. Congratulations on your nomination!

  2. Angie, I’m just speechless! I’m so honored and humbled by your kind words, I just don’t know what to say…seriously, I’m kinda choked up here! *sniff* Thank you so much!

    *deep breath* Okay, I have a few things I can say now. (lol) I love the things you’ve shared here! Music is a huge part of my life too, I can’t do raw onions (blech!) and I’d like to get into martial arts and yoga (though I think I really need to lose a couple dozen pounds first, LOL). Mostly though, I would LOVE to sit for an hour or six with you. Fingers crossed that someday we can make it happen, deal? ❤

  3. thank you for your kind words– you made me smile! and I love that you love pit bulls– I do too but can’t have one yet, as a renter– and yoga. kindred spirits. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sarah! I’m not sure of your county/city laws but I may have some info for you on renting… unless it’s space that is an issue. We’ve been renters for many years and have had our dogs with us the entire time. It’s been very hard but we’ve managed and have glowing recommendations now because of how hard we worked to shake the stereotype… I’m so glad you enjoyed the note… your blog is inspiring and fun!!

      • we have a very special little pup of our own who doesn’t always do well with other dogs, so we’re a one-dog household for now. by the time we’re ready for another I hope to get a pit– maybe by then we’ll have our own place. 🙂 so glad you’ve been enjoying my blog.

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