Potato Leek Soup, Tested & Confirmed…

“NO SOUP FOR YOU!” ~ The Soup Nazi, Seinfeld

I love soup.  Tomato soup and grilled cheese is a quick & easy dinner, so delicious and filling.  Chicken noodle is the best medicine for the flu bug.  Butternut squash bisque reminds me of fall and the holidays that follow.  A zesty soup with a green salad, homemade balsamic vinaigrette, and some cheesy bread… the ultimate working lunch!  There are so many soups to mark an occassion, a feeling, or time of day…

Today I was looking for quick, easy, delicious, and something my toddler would eat.  He still eats a variety of foods but as he’s coming into his toddler years he is discovering texture…once he gets past texture it’s usually “a go” from there… this soup had to pass his test too.

I decided to go with a Potato Leek soup since there are still an abundance of leeks and potatoes in season at the farm stand.  Winter has decided to show its face.  For only a moment, but long enough for me to make this easy, warming bowl of goodness and it still feel appropriate to make!

After searching the world-wide web for ideas, the basics of the soup were all the same.  The Potato Leek soup hands down has been the easiest soup I’ve ever made.  The flavors were bright and the ingredients were simple.  The best part of making this soup was my toddler son’s reaction…”mmmm, taste great…mmm I love it!”

I am including this soup as part of my Tallow Series because I sauté all the vegetables in the tallow before submerging them in stock.  Just another use for pasture raised, grass-fed tallow in substitute of oils or butter.

So before winter departs for another year, make some Potato Leek Soup, grab a loaf of crusty bread, and enjoy!

* = organic
*^ = organic/local

Potato Leek Soup
Serves 6

4 leeks, chopped *^
6-8 small potatoes *^
2 cloves garlic *^
3 tablespoons tallow (you can use any oil or fat of your choice) *^
2 quarts broth (you can use any stock of your choice vegetable, chicken, etc. I use my homemade chicken stock)*^
1 cup cream *^
kosher salt, pepper to taste

Starting with your leeks, they must be cleaned thoroughly because they can trap dirt within their many layers.  Trim the ends and tops…

…cut in half and then chop in 1 inch pieces.  I use my salad spinner to rinse my leeks because it allows for a thorough washing.

Rough chop 2 cloves of garlic and…

…wash and quarter your potatoes.  I did not peel them since they were so small and the soup gets puree’d in the end…so I left the skins on…this is up to you.

In a deep stock pot on medium high heat, add 3 tablespoons tallow (you can use any fat or oil of your choice) and melt.  Add in the leeks and sauté till they begin to wilt.  Add in garlic, potatoes, kosher salt & pepper, and toss till the garlic begins to brown.  Do not let the garlic burn otherwise your soup will be bitter… add in stock and reduce heat to a medium simmer till the potatoes are soft.

Remove the soup from the heat and with an emulsion mixer, hand mixer, blender, or food processor (wait for the soup to cool slightly if you’re going to use a blender or food processor) puree the soup, while slowly pouring in the cream.  Once the soup is to your desired consistency place back on the heat to bring back to temperature and taste – add more salt/pepper if needed.

For a pretty serve, reserve some of your sautéed leeks to place on top of each serving, or add a spoon full of sour cream, or sprinkles of goat cheese…yum!  Unfortunately our last picture was not as nice as it could have been because I was in too much of a hurry to sit down any enjoy this YUMMY soup!

Grab some crusty bread and enjoy!

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