Testing Recipes With a Toddler…

“I tell kids they should throw away the cereal and eat the box. At least they’d get some fiber.” – Richard Holstein, D.D.S

In my new ventures as the Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet, I am in the process of gathering and testing recipes. I’ll soon be testing these ideas on small crowds of people, but for now…who better to test them on but my boys here at home.

From the moment my son was able to eat solid foods, we fed him everything we ate off our own plates. Some foods he tried were an immediate success, some foods took him a few times to try before liking, and some have been a total fail.

I often wonder if I’d have a more developed palate today if my mom expanded my food choices as a child. Today when I try new foods, I feel I’ve been deprived all these years of such deliciousness!!

This evening we tested a recipe featuring a Korean style BBQ beef cheek taco with a quick pickling of cucumbers and carrots. It was extraordinarily delicious and we will be making it again! I wrap small bites of the Korean BBQ beef cheek into pieces of the organic flour wrap and my toddler eats them up, saying “yum yum yum” while he stuffs his mouth.

A quick note that the beef was organic pasture raised purchased from Paicines
, the produce purchased from Pinnacle Organics, and the wraps
were homemade.

Like every parent, I am faced with the challenge of finding fresh, healthy,
whole foods that he will be interested in eating. I am fortune that my toddler
has such a healthy appetite. It has enabled my family to cook a variety of
foods together and keeps me challenged to find new, tasty options. It is
because of my son that I’ve chosen to follow this path of exploring and
discovering our food’s true natural state.

My goal as the Sustainable Sweet & Savory Gourmet is to expand my food choices, while keeping my selections organic, seasonal, and local (100 mile radius). I want to experiment with food proving variety and taste is possible.

“When they’re talking about seasonal here, they aren’t f*****g around. In fact they don’t talk annoyingly about seasonal here; they just f*****g do it. One day you’re eating this and you’re eating a lot of it like with every meal; the next it’s gone, replaced by something else. So that’s what seasonal means around here; Summer around this time you eat this, later you eat that, later you eat another thing.
It’s like right or wrong, you don’t talk about it, you just live by those ideals the best you can…” Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations Episode ROME


One response to “Testing Recipes With a Toddler…

  1. I love Anthony Bourdain and His programs. Thanks for giving us all this valuable information. I hope people read and take all this goodness to heart. At least give it a try. Your family will benefit I’m sure from all the efforts you put into making tasty,healthy and such satisfying food.

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