Playing with Dirt

“Honey, get out of the dirt – don’t track that in the house!!” I could hear my mom’s voice echoing in my head as I watched my toddler sitting in the dirt, pulling at grass and weeds around him.

I had the most enjoyable time today working in the garden with my son.

It made me happy to see his smiling face as he watched birds fly by, when he poked at the ground chasing small bugs, when his breath was taken away as the wind blew, and when he picked up clumps of dirt and opened his hands to watch it fall to the ground.

It’s moments like this I hope to bring to him the rest of his life… or at least as long as I am physically able to.

Growing up I can’t say I remember much time outside with my mom. We were a single family household and it always seemed like there wasn’t much time and we were always busy…but busy with what, looking back… I’m not sure.

I want his memories to be different. I hope he will remember how much he was outside with his mom and how she wasn’t afraid to get dirty with him.

RANDOM ITEM #13 on THE LIST: Do a weekly fun activity with my son

Spending more time outside is just one of many fun activities we will do together!

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